Walk the Voorburg sculpture route

Voorgburg may well be the biggest open air museum in the Netherlands! In partnership with the Huygens’ Hofwijck and Swaensteyn museums and the local government, Mooi Voorburg has created a walking route past 35 sculptures. Since 2018, you can admire the wonderful artworks and walk the lovely route through idyllic Voorburg.

The route starts on Stationsplein/Huygenstraverse and passes Herenstraat, Park Vreugd en Rust, the Boerenbos and the Burgemeester Noteboompark to Park ’t Loo with the Spinozahof. So, plenty to see! And of course you can always take a break at one of the terraces along the route. The route ends at the Waterspoorpark near The Hague-Leiden railway line.


Check out Museum Swaensteyn and learn all about the art and culture of the Vliet.

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Where can you find us?

Beeldenroute Voorburg

Zhi Zhen Wijzer, Voorburg (startpunt)

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Ancient Roman city Forum Hadriani

On the site of what is now Voorburg, there was once a Gallo-Roman city, the northernmost city on the European mainland: Forum Hadriani.

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