Endless walking and cycling in the Schatten aan de Vliet

Leidschendam-Voorburg has so much to offer. Why not explore everything during a lovely walk or bike ride through the region? From next year, ‘Treasures along de Vliet’ will be offering a fantastic new route passing all the remarkable places in the municipality, but you can already enjoy many walking and cycle routes today!

Like the Narcissenroute through Park Vreugd en Rust and the Beeldenroute sculpture route designed by Stichting ‘Mooi Voorburg’. Museum Swaensteyn offers the sculpture route Beeldenroute Voorburg Sculptuur, and with the many walking and cycling apps like BeleefRoute and RouteYou, you will find even more fantastic routes!

Routes Izi-travel app:

Leidschendam-Voorburg cycle route:

Leidschendam – Voorburg – Stompwijk cycle route:

Leidschendam walking route:

Voorburg walking route:

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Startling activities

Kinderboerderij Essesteijn

Kinderboerderij Essesteijn is a friendly place for visitors of all ages, and of course for real animal lovers. The cows, chickens, sheep, rabbits and guinea pigs that roam here are good company for children and parents.

Kano- en bootverhuur Vlietland

Around Vlietland, there are several lovely canoe routes. Whether you want to paddle through the streams for an hour or explore the gorgeous Vlietland route: it's all possible at Kano- en bootverhuur Vlietland.