Reach great heights in Climbing park Het Klimeiland

At the treetop climbing circuit at Het Klimeiland, you can climb over 7 different routes, divided over 4 different heights. Start at 1 or 4 metres and continue your climb to 7 and 11 metres! The climbing park consists of 50 climbing obstacles and 10 fun ziplines. For the end sprint, there is even a zipline of over 100 metres long. Come to Het Klimeiland to experience real challenges and have lots of fun!

The climbing circuit offers a real challenge for both beginning and advanced climbers. For the high ropes course, a minimum height of 1.40m is required for the participants. Since 2022 we also have a climbing route for smaller climbers. On the low climbing course, climbers from the age of 5 can climb under the supervision of a parent. Challenge yourself and come to Klimpark Het Klimeiland!

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Opening hours

Opening hours may vary each week. Follow the Klimeiland on Twitter for a daily update.

Where can you find us?

Recreatiegebied Vlietland, Locatie Klimeiland

Rietpolderweg 300
(volg bord ‘klimeiland’)
2266 BM Leidschendam
+31 (0)71-2600601

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Visit the website

Visit website

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