Take a boat on the canal De Vliet

De Vliet is an attractive route for lovers of water sports situated between Leiden and Delft, with mooring places by parks, tourist attractions and terraces. You can therefore travel from one place to another without feeling bored. And with the many hospitality outlets along the route, any journey becomes a party.

For lovers of beautiful Dutch landscapes, this route is a must. Here you will see historic farms and gorgeous houses on the waterside. And because the route passes through Leidschendam, you get a nice view from the water of one of the loveliest towns in Zuid-Holland.


There's always something to experience at the lock in Leidschendam. Where boats navigate the lock and cyclists stop for a refreshing ice cream or a nice lunch.

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Startling activities

Molendriegang Leidschendam

In the 17th century, seven mills were built in Stompwijk to drain the surrounding polders. The northernmost three were preserved. For lovers of photography, Dutch views and walks past historic locations, the Molendriegang is the place to be.

Park Vreugd en Rust

The former estate Vreugd en Rust in Voorburg is now a public park with great amenities. Here you can go for long walks and enjoy the peace and quiet among all the greenery!