Check out the Molendriegang Leidschendam

In the 17th century, seven mills were built in Stompwijk near Leidschendam to drain the surrounding polders. The northernmost three, consisting of three octagonal mills, were preserved and were fully operational until 1951. Now, these permanently inhabited mills are a reserve pumping station for the Nieuwe Driemanspolder. They may be quite old, but they still work!


For lovers of photography, Dutch views and walks past historic locations, the Molendriegang is the place to be. And did you know you can iceskate here too in the winter? If you spend a day in Leidschendam-Voorburg, don’t miss this beautiful and unique location!

Did you know that..

The three mills still have residents?

Where can you find us?

Molendriegang Leidschendam

Stompwijkseweg 24-28

Startling activities

Huygens’ Swaensteyn

Huygens’ Swaensteyn is home to history, arts and culture from Voorburg and Leidschendam. The museum is housed in the Notarishuis on the Herenstraat, one of the oldest buildings in Voorburg’s Huygenskwartier.

Zwembad Forum Kwadraat

Zwembad Forum Kwadraat is especially for people who like to exercise in the water or want to learn how to swim (better). With the support of several funds, the swimming pool organises sporty afternoons, interesting courses and fun training activities for all ages!