Step inside Poldermolen De Vlieger

Molen de Vlieger is a drainage windmill situated in the unique polder landscape of Essesteijn in Voorburg which also includes a petting zoo. The authentic mill, built in 1621, is still fully operational and currently in use as a museum.

You can visit Molen de Vlieger and enjoy a tour of the inside with one of the expert volunteers. Experience the beauty and feel the power of a piece of traditional Dutch artisanship. A fun activity for kids, yourself and your (international) guests!

Opening hours

2 April to 31 October, every Wednesday and Saturday from 13.30 to 16.30.

Where can you find us?

Logo Molen de Vlieger

Poldermolen De Vlieger

Essepad 3
+31 (0)70-3694372

More information?

Visit the website

Visit website

Startling activities

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