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One of the most characteristic buildings in Leidschendam is definitely the Neherlaboratory. It’s now slightly hidden behind modern apartments, when viewed from the J.S. Bachlaan, but the complex still dominates the neighbourhood with its characteristic tower.
The site of the laboratory is already an interesting piece of history. The building currently stands on the site where football club RK AVV (Aloysius Voetbal Vereniging) played between 1924 and 1939. There are still lots of sports clubs in the surrounding area and plenty of green spaces! All in all, a special part of Leidschendam!

Did you know that..

This building was built on the grounds of a football club? Between 1924 and 1939, this was the site of football club RK AVV.

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Neherpark Leidschendam

Neherpark 5

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