Enjoy the Nieuwe Driemanspolder

The Nieuwe Driemanspolder is a new recreation area, attached to the Westerpark and the Buytenpark in Zoetermeer.

The park opened in 2020 and is still being developed, but there’s already lots to do. You can walk, skate, sail, go horse riding or cycle and just clear your mind!

Besides its role as a recreation area, the polder also stores excess water from the surroundings during extreme rainfall. So, the area is not just a lovely place in Zoetermeer where you can find a bit of peace, it also improves safety in the regions by preventing flooding in residential areas. And that makes the Nieuwe Driemanspolder an interesting location that is certainly worth a visit!


Enjoy a bike or walk through the fields!

Where can you find us?

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Startling activities

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