Enjoyment in Vlietland at Restaurant Waterfront

Enjoy long evenings at Restaurant Waterfront
Even better than just going out for a meal is going out for a meal at the waterfront. At Restaurant Waterfront, you can eat delicious dishes looking out over the water. In the peaceful ambiance of the restaurant, you truly feel that you are surrounded by nature, yet not far from the bustling city of Leiden. And because the restaurant is very close to the beach, a visit in the summer can be double the pleasure!

Besides having something to eat, you can also use Restaurant Waterfront as a location for events or celebrations. And of course, it is possible to organise business meetings at the restaurant which, close to big cities like The Hague, Leiden and Delft, offers a peaceful location to meet and enjoy a nice meal.

Where can you find us?

Restaurant Waterfront

Rietpolderweg 13
2266 BM Leidschendam
+31 (0)71-561 82 55

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