Experience history at Forum Hadriani

On the site of what is now Voorburg, there was once a Gallo-Roman city, the northernmost city on the European mainland: Forum Hadriani. Around 2,000 years ago, this may have been the region’s most important city. And if you look carefully, you can still see the former Roman city reflected in Voorburg’s current street pattern!

Over the years, excavations have revealed various artefacts from Forum Hadriani, including the hand of a statue, a small altar and the remains of the former harbour. In Museum Swaensteyn, you can find a model of the city!

Did you know that..

Forum Hadriani is regarded as the Dutch Pompeii.

Where can you find us?

Forum Hadriani

Arentsburghlaan 14

Startling activities

Het Veur Theater

Het Veur Theater is the place to go for performances and parties! The theatre is housed in a church building dating from 1908, which contributes to the unique atmosphere. All year round, it hosts special plays, one-man-shows, cabaret performances and more.

Shopping in the Huygenskwartier

The Huygenskwartier in Voorburg is a charming, authentic shopping area with a rich history. Here you will find unique boutiques and specialty stores for the latest fashion trends, fun accessories, kids clothing and the daily groceries. You’ll most definitely find everything you need!