Enjoy the social atmosphere at Camping Vlietland

Camping Vlietland is a friendly, car-free family campsite in Recreatiegebied Vlietland, in the heart of the Randstad and on the outskirts of Het Groene Hart. With Leiden and The Hague around the corner, lots of water sports opportunities and various walking, cycling and inline skating routes nearby, there’s something for everyone.

Next to the campsite, there’s plenty to do in the immediate surroundings. You can reny various boats, there is a wonderful climbing park, and you can enjoy something to eat and drink in the neighbouring restaurant with outdoor terrace. In the spring and autumn, the campsite has a peaceful atmosphere. Pheasants and rabbits inhabit the area and there’s a fantastic view on the water. Certainly worth a visit!


Nice weather and feeling like getting out? Ren a boat or canoe at Recreatiegebied Vlietland.
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Opening hours

Open from 15 April to 25 September. The opening hours of the reception vary throughout the season. Visit our website https://www.wscvlietland.nl/kamperen for current opening hours.

Where can you find us?

Logo Camping Vlietland

Camping Vlietland

Rietpolderweg 17
+31 (0)71 204 1450

More information?

Visit the website

Visit website

Startling activities

Molendriegang Leidschendam

In the 17th century, seven mills were built in Stompwijk to drain the surrounding polders. The northernmost three were preserved. For lovers of photography, Dutch views and walks past historic locations, the Molendriegang is the place to be.

Kinderboerderij Essesteijn

Kinderboerderij Essesteijn is a friendly place for visitors of all ages, and of course for real animal lovers. The cows, chickens, sheep, rabbits and guinea pigs that roam here are good company for children and parents.